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Bonilla Construction was founded in 1989 in the city of Rialto, since then we have been recognized as among the most prestigious companies and responsibility of California. All our work is 100% guaranteed call us without any obligation and we will take your call in a special way. Our workers team, is comprised of employees certified and trained in the industry. This experience level, combined with the technological advancements made in construction over the last decade allows our company to provide a fantastic remodeling option for homeowners.

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And much more, all backed by the highest quality customer service in the industry. In addition to the quality of our workmanship, our service, and our window, gutters, door, masonry, and other products, a key component of our success is the communication we encourage from initial contact and quote, through the construction process. We hope you’ll experience that with our website and most importantly, in person.


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A roof is more than protection from the earth’s elements. It is safety, sanctuary and survival. It protects your precious cargo. The most prominent buildings in San Francisco, CA 94110 have been roofed by one company – Bonilla Construction, the Central leading commercial roofer since 1989.

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25 years of EXPERIENCE

No matter the size or material, one thing remains the same: satisfied customers. Safety is a priority with Bonilla Construction with training in place for all employees